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Who We Are

We are a software development training and job placement company. We train, recruit and outsource software developers. We prepare individuals to become coding experts for immediate industry placement.

Melodia Coding Academy offers software development training and placement services. Our program structure is designed to help students make the most of this opportunity by offering programs that leads to specialisation in diverse fields of software engineering. We offer intensive coding training courses that prepare people with little or no prior experience in software development. we make use of the most up-to-date, hands-on curriculum available using all of the latest tools.

What we offer

Developers Training

We provide a platform for passionate individuals to learn and become world class software developers

Recruitment & Outsourcing

We hire software developers from our academy products for outsourcing and employment placements

Corporate Training

We offer quality trainings in any of the software development specialization to companies and corporations

Software Development

We offer software development services for public and private organizations

Program Options

We offer intensive coding training that prepares people with little or no prior experience in software development to become experts. Our training is 100% practical, delivered by certified professionals. We offer different training options:

Student Fellow

Students from this category will be recruited based on merit in a conducted entrance examination. The Top 5% of applicant will be placed in this category. This category of students will learn and payment for their training is recouped after program completion through their placement deployment to leading industries in the country. A Student Fellow will have a bond with us for a certain period of time.

Student Scholars

Students from this category will be recruited based on merit in conducted entrance examination. The first (6 to 10) % of the top applicants will be placed in this category. Students in this category are guaranteed of a job placement after graduation but candidate will pay his/her tuition fee either in instalment or full before securing a job with us. A Student Scholar will have no bond with us.

Regular Students

This category of students are the regular students (individuals) who come to study and pay the full tuition fee with no job guaranteed for them after graduation. This training is in three (3) module phases and is available with predefined sets of topics leading to higher module stages. This module courses are ideal for individuals who want to develop or start a career as a software engineering, web developers and any related fields.

Corporate Students

This is a fast track category tailored for professionals, corporate and experienced persons. It provides individuals with maximum flexibility that allow them request certain Technology or topics to be covered, or individuals can provide their own design or database to use in the labs. This category is ideal for practicing software developers, web developers, software architects and for those aspiring to build rich client and business intelligence applications.

Our Training Specialization

We have taken time to specially put together a list of programs that will be an enabler to the development of individuals and corporate bodies in the field of Software Engineering


This course gives you hands on and practical experience on the most popular RDBMS databases like Oracle SQL, MySql, MS SQL Server, and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CassandraDB and more

Microsoft .NET Technologies

This course provides you with a sound knowledge of C# programming and gives you the ability to design and build applications with the Microsoft .NET stack. This includes WPF, ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core

Java Technology

This course will provide you with all the Java programming fundamentals for developing Android, web or desktop applications. You will learn Java Swing and J2EE technologies like Spring, Servlets and JSP

JavaScript Framework

This course is tailored towards front-end development and web development. You will learn Javascript frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS for creating dynamic and functional websites and applications

Enterprise Mobile Development

This course is designed for those who want to learn how to build Android and IOS apps. You’ll learn how to develop native and hybrid apps with technologies like Java, Swift, Ionic and React native.

Other Technologies

You will also have the oppurtunity to learn other relevant and trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning , Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT) and Application security.

Our Expertise


Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra, SQLite

Programming Tools

Java, Spring MVC Framework, C#, .NET Framework, ASP.Net MVC, Python, AngularJS, NodeJs, ReactJs, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Java applets, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Google Maps API, Servlet, JSP, PHP, XML, JSON, SOAP, REST, UML, C++, Ionic, Cordova, Wordpress, Dupra, Joomla

Our Gallery


Fellowship Program

Seminar program with qualified intakes into our fellowship program


Developers Training

Software development training


Empowerment Seminar

Software Empowerment seminar for school leavers and fresh graduates


Developers Training

Software development training


Corporate Training

Corporate training on Website development


Software Development Seminar

Software development seminar for admission into our training academy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are a software development training and job placement company. We train, recruit and outsource software developers. We prepare individuals to become coding experts for immediate industry placement.

  • A Software developer is one who is a specialist in the area of software development, i.e. one who writes code for software systems either as applications or as mobile apps.

  • Software developers’ demand is projected to grow in increasing number from now to 2026, which is faster than the average job in any discipline. Every year banks and other technology-based companies seek for developer’s recruitment globally.

  • Yes. International students are eligible to apply as long as the student can pay the tuition fee if applicable, satisfy visa requirement and take care of accommodation and other living expenses for the duration of the training programme on arrival to Lagos - Nigeria.

  • You will be tested on O’level Mathematics and Aptitude test, but the target of the examination will be based on testing your speed and analytical accuracy. How fast you can think through problems and supply correct answers is what we look out for.

  • We do not offer accommodation for students coming in from outside Lagos but we can guide students and help you make accommodation arrangement on a separately agreeable fee, for those with special housing needs.

  • The duration needed for the release of the entrance examination result will be determined on several factors, but what is most important is that once the result is released all registered students that registered for the examination will be notified via email.

  • The training is organized by Melodia Coding Academy Ltd ( can contact us via e-mail on or via: Mobile Number (Call or Whatsapp): 08165956554

  • Our Fellowship program is targeted for highly talented individuals, training for Fellows and Scholars involves intensive practical training in full-stack (front-end and back-end) development skills. After successful completion, fellows are deployed to work as entry level software developers for local or international Melodia partners.

  • Fill in your details in the application link and click submit. Follow the instructions.

  • To become a student Fellow or Scholar, you will be required to write an onsite technical test. Based on the outcome of your test you will be invited for an in-person interview. The top 5% performers from the test will be enrolled into our Student Fellow program and then the next 6 to 10% top performers will be enrolled into our Student Scholar program.

  • Student Fellows are guaranteed job placement immediately after graduation and get the opportunity of training without paying tuition fee immediately. A Student Fellow will have a 2 years bond with us. Tuition fee payment will be recouped in monthly repayments after program at a premium after deployment of a fellow. Student Scholars are guaranteed of a job placement after graduation but candidate will pay his/her tuition fee either in instalment or full before securing a job with us. A Student Scholar will have no bond with us.

  • Please check for updates

  • After you apply, you’ll be sent an email to take our on-site technical test. If selected, you will be enrolled into our Software Engineering Fellowship program in Lagos.

  • You will be sent a mail with your result, clearly stated on your admission letter that you have been either selected as a scholar or as a fellow.

  • Yes, you can apply in the next application cycle. You can use the same email you applied with previously and you will need to re-take the technical test

  • You must be 18 years or older to be admitted into our Fellowship program and sign Melodia’s employment contract. Candidates less than 18 years of age can only be registered to our regular training programs.

  • No, you do not need a university degree, your background does not matter and we are more interested in your analytical and reasoning abilities than where you studied or if you have a degree.

  • The total cost for our Fellowship program is N1 or a Study Now and Pay Later plan of ₦0 upfront and monthly repayments after program at a 20% interest fee for Student Fellows. The Tuition for Student Scholars is same cost but a scholar is expected to pay fee in monthly installments or full before program completion. We also offer discounts for full or early repayment

  • We run a flexible payback system where fellow make monthly payment after a successful job placement. The pay back system is a (70/30) % payment plan, this allows our product to keep 70% of their salary and the n pay a minimum of 30% from their wages. A student on getting a job is expected to complete his payment in Less than 2 years.

  • At Melodia, we run a flexible system where you can come into the system as a scholar and if you show great performance in your course work and you desire to move up the ladder, we can move you to the category of a fellow.

  • Our training 100% hands on practical for all courses offered at the academy. Students are trained on both front-end and back-end development technologies as well as other trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT) and Application security.

  • The technical skills to be learnt from the technologies you will be trained on are:

    1. Databases: Oracle, MySql, MSSQL
    2. Microsoft Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, MVC architecture
    3. Java Technologies: Java, Servlet, JSP,MVC
    4. JavaScript Framework: MERN (Mongo db, Express, React, Nodejs) and MEAN (Mongo db, Express, Angular, NodeJS)
  • Yes, you can apply with or without any programming knowledge or experience. There is no pre-requisite to getting admission into the Academy. Our training accommodates people with little or no prior experience in software development.

  • The tuition fee varies per program option, per module cost is N150,000 for our regular program and extra cost for our corporate classes. Payments can be made in monthly installments or per module.

  • After graduation our student can work as a front-end developer and also as a back-end developer in any technology driven organisation that requires developers.

  • The duration expected to complete a module is a minimum of 40hrs and the total time needed to complete the entire program to graduation is 6 months.

  • A student can decide to run 2 courses concurrently provided the students can pay for the extra courses and must create the time needed to complete each of the courses.

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